Paris-Brest-Paris 2015

23 03 2015

Time to breath life back into the old blog! That can only mean one thing, well two actually. Firstly, that I’m planning a big ride, the journey of which is possibly worthy writing about and secondly, that the kids have backed off a little and cut Rach and I a bit of slack.


So the ride I’m planning is the Paris-Brest-Paris. A long distant cycling event that goes from Paris to well….Brest, and then back to Paris. Some 1400km (870 miles), to be ridden within 90 hours. Organised every four years, the first event being held in 1891, making it one of the oldest cycling events. To be honest, I’m not riding it for the route, by accounts its a little mundane. But what it lacks in topography it makes up for in atmosphere and heritage. It’s a ride to be completed at least once by any half serious long distance cyclist, of which I’m trying to be.


And I’m not alone, with several thousand other cyclists from across the world heading to Paris in August this year. It’s sure to be fun. But as with all these long events, its the journey to the start line where the adventure really lies. The consistency in training, the miles back and forth over Wales, the early starts, the Tuesday night hilly rides and catching up with cycling friends seen only once or twice a year. Good times.


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