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We’ve had a few bike adventures over the years. There was our two month honeymoon tour of Central Europe, James’s epic 1400 km ride from London to Edinburgh and back or Rachel’s battles with bad mannered Brummie drivers. We wanted a place to share some of our past adventures so others may be inspired, learn or just be entertained, and a place to plan and share those adventures we are yet to have.

Central Europe – June & July 2008

This is the story of our honeymoon. A 1500 mile ride, that took us from Eastern Italy, through Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic and into Eastern Germany during June & July 2008. It was our first tour outside of the UK.

The plan was to visit a series of major capital cites, and move between them by bike. Trieste, Ljubljana, Budapest, Poprad, Krakow, Olomouc, Prague, Dresden and finally Leipzig, we coined it ‘inter-city cycling’.

There is a full photo set for this ride at our Flick-r page.

A retrospective account of that adventure, posted piece by piece over a series of blog posts can be found by flowing this link to:

Central Europe 2008.

Birmingham to Spain – September 2009

On the 4th September 2009, I walked up the hill to Moseley with Rach where she was to steward at the Folk Festival. We had a final quick hug and I set of alone to cycle the 1700 miles from Birmingham to my cousins house near Almeria on the South coast of Spain over two weeks.
I did not make it all the way. Given that I was riding 150 miles a day, Spain was just to hot for me. In the end I rode 1112 miles over 12 days to Zaragoza via an extensive tour of the French and Spanish Pyrenees. It was a great light weight tour, and was the hardest and at the same time most rewarding ride I’ve ever done.

This is a photo set of that ride, and an account of the ride will follow bit by bit as I write it. Register to the blog to receive updates.


The Everyday Rides

The everyday rides usually get forgotten but form a big part of our lives (especially James’s). The weekend rides with friends, the long rides home after work, and the mid week long rides. They are the bread and butter of cycling and make the long adventures possible.

The stories are grouped together, read them using the link below:

Everyday Rides


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