A new chapter is about to begin

30 12 2011

I’ve been very poor in the second part of this year with postings to the blog, but there have been reasons. My ramblings are focused around cycling but since June I’ve had but a few cycling adventures to talk of. Sure there was the Trans-Cambrian ride with Simon, an unsuccessful ride of the Welsh Coast to Coast (that I forgot to write about) and the brutal but oh so rewarding Bear Bones 200. But life has been dominated by the pending addition to the family, Little Bean who should be with Rach and I within a couple of weeks. There has also been the small matter of a three week trip during September to America’s Pacific North West.  An amazing place that you have to visit if you’ve not already done so. Here’s a quick teaser – 14,000ft Mt Rainier.

Mt Rainier

So the second half of this year I’ve been a good husband and dad to be and focused on DIY and getting ‘the nest ready’ as our neighbour puts it. Well maybe she is right about that. But it’s also been a period where I’ve explored my local trails after work. I have to thank Tom aka ‘The Carbon Monkey’ for that. He’s been much better than me blogging about out mini adventures so check out his site.

Carbon Monkey

And for the past few weeks I’ve had the fortune, or maybe the misfortune to have had my legs well and truly ripped off by Mike Hall. He’s been training for the round the world race and to hopefully set a new world record. Yep, that’s a 18,000 mile bike race that leaves from London in February. Check out his site for more about that bonkers adventure.

Mike Hall Web Page

Next year I’ve at least one big ride lined up, a nice 1000km round Scotland on the fixie in late June of which my biggest fear will be the midges. And if the timing is right (August) then I hope to have a go at a 800+ mile off road race in the UK, the EWE (England-Wales- England). But before that and in no more than 2 weeks, maybe a few days (eeek) I will take on the role of dad with all the challenges and joy that will bring. I hope to continue to ride my bikes too far and to juggle that with my new role as dad.  So the new chapter begins.




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