A further Rachel achievement

30 12 2011

So it seems that every time I write on here about my sporty goals something comes along and throws me off course.  Back in July 2010 I got all excited about my running, only to limp through the rest of the year with a knee injury.  Then earlier this year I surpassed myself by listing a whole host of cycling and running targets I wanted to aim for, oblivious to the fact that nature had indeed run its course and the little cluster of cells growing inside me had other plans.  A little naive of me perhaps…

However, the year has involved plenty of walks, a spot of yoga and yes, even a little cycling in between debilitating nausea and battling to get some work done.  I’ve done a wee blogpost over on my work website listing some of the past year’s work highlights – a very strange feeling to sign off work after almost 7 years of full-time self-employment.  ‘Little Bean’ has traveled far and wide already taking in America’s Pacific North West, the Ligurian hills, Pembrokeshire, Lewes’ crazy bonfire celebrations, a couple of trips to London, a few visits to Kent and even a weekend away in sunny Manchester.  We’ve enjoyed the delights of Moseley Folk Festival, seen friends performing Shakespeare and Arthur Miller and experienced a laser light show on the side of the Coulee Dam.  And we’ve joined in demonstrations to protect public services (which we can’t praise highly enough!) and safeguard workers’ pensions.

So, not quite as action packed as I’d anticipated, but I like to think that the strong, eye-watering kicks I’m experiencing are an achievement in their own right.  So… predictions for future endurance events?  I’m not even going to go there…. 🙂




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