Welsh Coast to Coast: Ride Planning

28 07 2011

I’ve been inspired by Dave Buchanan adventures to plot and ride a route from the North to South Coast of Wales. It’s a 200 mile route from Caernarfon to Cardiff that’s meant to be ridden unsupported and adhering to a small set of rules:

  • Race from Caernarfon to Cardiff, self-supported, under only your own power, along the entire WC2C route.
  • No pre-arranged support, with the exception of maildrops to a post office.
  • Don’t break the law.

The rules are lifted from the Colorado Trail Race, which incidentally starts on August 1st, maybe be one day I’ll go over there and have a play? Anyway, prep for the WC2C started last month with an e-mail to my favorite cereal bar companies, Eat Natural and Bounce Foods. Thought I’d see if they wanted to support me with the ride, seems they did. Thanks guys!!!

So, the plan was to set off by train nice and early on Friday 29th (tomorrow) and ride overnight. Well seems my plans have been upset. The bike has required new hub bearings both front and rear, I’ve fitted a new axel but im still waiting for the spacers and I need to fit a new chain. On top of that, I seem to have developed a chesty cough after the Brussels 24hr ride which has been with me for a week and giving me coughing fits late at night. And on top of that I was stung by a wasp on Tuesday night whilst out riding with The Carbon Monkey (aka Tom) and my ankle has swelled up to twice it’s size. Walking is painful, never mind riding 200 miles.

So, I’ve decided to put the ride back two weeks. That gives me time to create a more detailed GPX track of the route, and time for the weather to cool down a little. I can’t go biking in Wales without getting wet!




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6 01 2013
Rhys Williams

Hi, How are you ? My friends and I are planning on doing the WC2C this year also. Started planning (and trainning) this week and hoping to work out the route, logistics and date soon..

How did your C2C trip go ? is there any chance to get any hints/tips/suggestions ?

Thanks in advance

9 01 2013

Hi there, it was a while ago that I set out to do this ride. To be honest it was not a good trip for me. I ended up at the bottom of a ditch at Coed-y-Benin when I over cooked a rock section and missed the bridge over the ditch. That made my mind up and I headed to Machynlleth and the train back to Birmingham. Up to that point I had found the route not particularity inspiring. I had not figured that it would involve so much cycle path and back roads and I just did not seem to have to power to get up the hills on the single speed. It’s a shame I headed home at Machynlleth because the best bit of riding was just about to start, but despite that, I’d not ride the route again, it’s just not enough off road for me as a lone cyclist.

You might want to talk to Ian Barrington about his Welsh Divide ride. I don’t have any details about it but might be a more interesting route?

all the best


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