Double Solo 24 hour mtb racing – what fun!

4 05 2011

Back in 2009 I had a go at racing solo in a 24 mountain bike race. The rider with the most laps wins! That race did not go so well, I was not really prepared, the bike was making bad noises and I got totally bored of going round in circles for 24 hours. So I’m going back to give 24 hour solo racing another go at the UK Solo Championships. This time with more experience of long distance rides and with the gears removed, yes I decided that it would be ‘good’ idea to ride single speed, well why not, less stuff to make noise.

It should be an interesting race as many riders will have two bikes and at least a support crew to feed them, water them, look after their bikes, give them their race position and shout at them when the going gets hard. In contrast I will have one bike and no support crew. I will be doing this as a real solo ride. And to add to the fun, its seems that the good April weather will break this weekend with the forecast for heavy rain, thunder, lightning and hail. What fun! I will either push through and have a great ride or this race will break me. Follow my twitter feed to find out.

So this coming weekend I will head just up inside the Scottish border on my tod and ride around on my bike for a few hours and try to get myself a decent result. This is a taster of what’s in store for me:




3 responses

4 05 2011

good luck and loads of fun with that one. the track looks really nice and the people friendly and welcoming.

5 05 2011

That sounds proper epic. Good luck.

12 05 2011

Ohhh, free coffee for rookies… get those latte orders in. I expect you to win the rookie jersey! (-;

Have fun, good luck.


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