Hell of the North Cotswolds 2011 – A quick report

15 04 2011

The Hell of the North Cotswolds or the HONC has become a bit of a staple in my riding calendar. For the past two years I’ve headed down to Winchcombe with the roadrat in tow, but this year, with the 24hr race just round the corner I had to forget ideas of trying to be first back and ride the single speed mountain bike instead. I knew I would not be able to ride with the Tri-1st boys with their gears and array of carbon bikes, instead I would have to take it easy and enjoy the day with steel and one gear.

Well ‘take it easy’ lasted about as long as it took me to get out of the school gate at the start. I thought I might just be able to catch the front group if I spin like a mad man. I did catch two Tri-1st riders and was only about 30 seconds behind the lead group by the top of the first climb, but then we hit the first road section and alas, the geared bikes just drifted away into the distance.

I continued to push on and found that despite being dropped on the roads I was catching and passing everyone else on the hills. Great games of leap frog commenced with a number of riders as the sun warmed up and gave the trails and southern Mediterranean feel.

I finished the 100km route after 5 hours and still  feeling good which has given me a boast of confidence for the 24hr race on the 7-8th of May.

Congratulations to Steve who was the first rider back. He’s wanted that for a couple of years.

This weekend the 24hr prep continue, I’ve just made arrangements for some additional lighting and Rach and I head down south to ride the Ridgeway. Rach on road, myself off road. Should be a good one 🙂




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