A few Rachel achievements

11 04 2011

All went quiet on here last July when it came to me blogging rides, walks and runs.  There was talk of a niggly knee then nothing.  Well, after numerous appointments and scans I’ve still not got to the bottom of what was wrong, but it seems that it’s nothing mechanical and it is now easing up.  So, I’ve been easing myself back in and getting back out and about in the Spring sunshine.  Here’s a few things I’ve been up to – more as a list to spur me on than anything else…

  • Over the past month I’ve been easing myself back into running, with a couple of runs each week leading to my first 5km run since last July.
  • I’ve logged my jogs at Daily Mile where I’ve been getting encouragement from friends. Cheers guys!
  • I’ve been out for a couple of rides with the Hopwood Ladies Cycling Club which has been great for meeting other cyclists. I’ve also used this as a reason to take a weekday out from work every so often – great for getting me to focus and manage my time better!
  • Last weekend James and I did a loop with our friend Simon which took in three fairly mean climbs in the Peak District.  Winnats Pass beat me I’m afraid, but the torrential downpour didn’t!  The route and my thoughts on it are up on my Daily Mile profile.
  • Yesterday I decided to borrow James’ Garmin (yes, yes, the one I was reluctant to let him buy) and do a loop round the Cotswolds while James was riding the HONC.  The 60km route took in a few lumpy bumpy bits, including Cleeve Hill outside Cheltenham.  What was great was that it was the longest ride I’ve done by myself so far.  Whilst I’m adamant about mapping routes on an actual map when driving, it is far easier following a GPS track when on the bike on country lanes.  I’m now feeling more confident about exploring by myself and planning my own rides.

I’m hoping that it won’t jinx me, but here are a few things I’m putting out there as possibilities…

  • Next weekend I’m hoping to do this Four White Horses 90km route out from Marlborough whilst James attempts some off-road action on The Ridgeway
  • I’m looking at doing an 100km Audax with the Hopwood Ladies sometime in May.
  • The Dunwich Dynamo is a possibility for the sheer challenge and slightly surreal element to it.  London to the Suffolk Coast.  120 miles with around 1,000 other riders.  Overnight.
  • I’m really taken with the new Sustrans route for the Way of the Roses route which runs Morecambe to Bridlington.  Partly because I get the chance to go to Lancaster where we both studied, and partly because it’s an amazing part of the world.  I’m hoping that we can do it as a tour sometime this summer.  Rolling across the Yorkshire Dales on a summer’s evening with the promise of beer at the end of the day surely can’t be bettered.
  • Running events may happen, but I’ve realised that running may not be my sport due to rubbish knees.  In the meantime a couple of 5km runs a week would be brilliant.

I reckon that lot should keep me out of trouble.  Offers of running / cycling partners are always welcome!




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30 12 2011
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