We do have hills in the Midlands

3 02 2011

It’s time to start getting in the long miles, and time to really ingrain that appreciation of winter riding in the UK before the spring comes along and injects some colour back in to our lives. The route was simple, and one that I noted in my last post. A sensible 100 mile loop taking in all that the midlands has to offer in the way of hills, lanes and river crossings. From Brum in to a headwind, three times over the Clent hills, a climb out of Bewdley and up on to a fog and drizzle shrouded Clee Hill. Drop down towards Ludlow to fight with the GPS before lunch in Tenbury Wells.


Head South East with views back over towards Clee Hill and then on a rolling road to Martley. With legs feeling very heavy and rain threatening the Lickey Hills come in to view for the seventh and last major climb of the day. Thoughts turn to cake, but with a ban on until my Birthday it was straight to the chippy and a large haddock for dinner number 1.

Dinner number 2 arrived three hours later in the form of veggi sausages and mash. The route did what it was supposed to, it ate me up and spat me out. I found new hills, new roads, one’s that I expect will become good friends in time.




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