2010 Mersey Roads 24hr Time Trail

30 07 2010

Whilst I was grinding my way round the Welsh hills last weekend an equally mad group of cyclists were taking on the Mersey Roads 24hr time trail. The winning distance was 516.11 miles by John Warnock. Maybe one day, if I have the right bike, I’ll give it a go. Anyone want to be on my support crew?




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30 07 2010

As long as you return the favour one day!

1 08 2010

Gladly, I will even help out before next year, get some money in the bank. If you have something coming up let me know.

5 08 2010

You should have a go at the 24 hr as you obviously have the speed if you got round Day 1 of MC1K by 8pm.
I tried both this year although I hadn’t fully recovered from MC1K when I started the 24hr.
If you want to achieve your best possible distance in the 24 hr you obviously need a support team but I would also suggest that you would probably not fulfil your maximum potential at your first attempt.
If you can afford to have two goes at it , I suggest the first year is used to learn what works for you and these lessons are then put into practise for your second attempt.
Of course you may have to fit these around PBP & LEL but good luck if you decide to go for it!

5 08 2010

Thanks for that advice Pete! I may have to wait a few years until I do this event unless I can borrow a bike, as I intend to turn my attention to riding off-road again. I’ve been turning out the road miles for the past few years and being a mountain biker at heart I’m craving some dirt and exploring long rides off-road now I’ve well and truly found my endurance legs. But that’s not too say you won’t find me at the odd audax event or two.

5 08 2010

I’m off to Sleepless in the Saddle this weekend.
Places still available…..

5 08 2010

I’m off this weekend for a bit of gentle touring, as next weekend I’m going to ride the South Downs Way, there and back.

11 08 2010

Good to see you at SITS.
My team won the Vets prize so it was worth all the effort!
Enjoy your tour of the South Downs

11 08 2010

Congratulations Pete. I watched you go out on your final lap and you were flying!

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