The Mille Cymru #mc1k

21 07 2010

So what is the Mille Cymru? Well it starts at 6am on Friday 23rd July, is 1026km, and we have 75 hours to finish. There is a set route to follow and controls to visit at which we have to collect a stamp to prove we have been there. Controls open and close at set times and you have make it between those times. The route has four legs, the first, 356km will take us from near Shrewsbury in Shropshire into North Wales and then back south to finish in Llanwrtyd Wells having climbed 4,727metres. Leg 2, 311km, is from Llanwrtyd Wells out to the Pembrokeshire round to Cardigan Bay via St Davids before heading back inland to Llanwrtyd Wells having climbed 4,125m. Leg 3, 231km, once again will take us from Llanwrtyd Wells on a loop round Mid-Wales taking in places such as Aberystwyth and the Elan Valley before again heading back to Llanwrtyd Wells one final time after climbing 3.756m. The final 127km leg, heads from Llanwrtyd Wells over 1,274m of hills back into Shropshire to finish where we started near Shrewsbury.

Now how to ride this? We start at 6am on Friday morning, and have to finish by 9am Monday morning. My plan is to ride leg 1 on Friday, leg 2 on Saturday, and legs 3 & 4 on Sunday. I hope to finish before midnight on Sunday. I’m lucky, I can move along at a decent speed, this means I should be able to ride each leg in a decent time, mostly during daylight hours allowing me time to have a decent night’s sleep without having to get up to early. This way I should be able to enjoy the ride and treat it as three long tour days, and not as a 1,000km ride. If you’re not so quick, then you will have to ride into the night, and get up early in order to make the distance each day. The really unlucky ones will get only 3-4 hours sleep a night, maybe less, and that will make it a very hard ride.

However, cycling 1000km round Wales is no easy task and I hope the my plan works for me, time will tell. I will be updating my progress via twitter, you can follow me at




2 responses

21 07 2010
Liz gillies

My goodnes bro, you make it sound soooooo easy. Stay safe and enjoy and I look forward to hearing the next installment. x

22 07 2010

I’m making it sound easy because I might convince myself that it is, which it’s not. Postitive thoughts.

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