The red dragon is calling and Cymru awaits…bugger!

30 06 2010

Three hundred k’s where red kites soar, from Wrekin to the Sea
Four hundred k’s for Hibernia’s mail, overnight on Telford’s road
Six hundred k’s for Offa’s men, doomed to grimp along the dyke
One thousand for the audax lord, on their Brooks shod throne
In the land of Cymru, where the dragons hills lie…
One ride to rule them all, one ride to find them,
One ride to bring them all, and in the green hills bind them
In the land of Cymru, where the dragons lie…

Well this is it, the big one for this year, the Mille Cymru. Some numbers 1026km, 13,890m of ascent,  75 hours. That’s a 637 mile 3 1/2 day ride around Wales, starting on Friday 23rd July. It’s only just over 3 weeks away and I’m a bit intimated by it right now. I feel unprepared, I’ve not done a long ride now for nearly 4 weeks, or any speed training for 2 weeks. Instead I’ve been to Spain, attended a couple of weddings and in the process gathered up a few extra pounds to lug up those 13,890 metres of Welsh hills. To be honest I was best prepared for this about 2 weeks ago.

I’m sure all will be well in the end as I’ve put in a lot of miles this year in preparation for this ride, and any weight I’ve put on can be lost in the next 3 weeks, as long as I stay away from the beer at next weekend’s wedding and get a few miles in on the bike. Actually I had a thought, between now and the 30th July I will probably cycle 1200 miles, maybe more.

I will post a map of the route nearer the time along with some more pre-ride thoughts as I’ve a few rides planned between now and then, they should help with confidence.




3 responses

1 07 2010

Look forward to reading about this one! Eventually I would like to build up to something like this.

2 07 2010

You aren’t the only one worrying slightly about the Mille

I’m sure it will be a lot of fun though

12 07 2010
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