A ride along the Worcestershire Way

29 06 2010

There are lot’s of things to write about from the last two weeks. Rach and I went to Spain for my cousins wedding where we also had the pleasure of experiencing the San Juan festival (I will leave it to Rach to write about that one). And then we attended another wedding, this time an old friend, which was fantastic, we got to catch up with lot’s of good friends that we’ve not seen for a while.

But in the last 10 days I’ve ridden about 0 miles! So haven been inspired by much talk of mountain biking at the wedding and following the tour divide (the first person finished this morning) I used my last day of leave to ride a local favorite of mine, the Worcestershire Way.

Rach and I first walked this route about 3 years ago. It’s a nice two day walk from Great Malvern to Bewdley, some 31 miles that takes in hills, woodlands, high open grasslands, apple orchards and crop fields. Back then I figured it would make a nice ride, especially if linked with the North Worcestershire Path to create a 70 mile route from Malvern back to Brum. Now, I know it’s a footpath and it’s not exactly ‘legal’ to cycle on, but much of the route actually follows bridleways, there are only a few sections of footpath which of course I walk/run. It’s actually quite a hard ride, it’s never flat, has a couple of big climbs, and has numerous smaller climbs of well over 20%, and lot’s of gates and styles to clamber over with the bike, so it’s more than just your legs that get a beating, especially when riding the Cotic Roadrat.

It’s the third time I’ve done this route and given that I’ve not been on the bike for 10 days, all went well. The weather was great, my legs ticked along nicely and the views were fantastic. This was my lunch time view.

One day I will ride all the 70 miles back to Brum, but I never seem to allow enough time for that ride.




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