A local 10 mile time trial

26 05 2010

All over the country during the summer months local cycling clubs hold weekly 10 mile time trials. They are strange affairs, men and a few women dressed in tight Lycra and pointy hats, on bikes that look dam right uncomfortable trying to ride 10 miles as fast as possible.  The current UK record holder is Bradley Wiggins with a time of 17:58 (that’s him below, not me).

My local 10 mile time trail is run by Worcestershire Road Club on the K37/10P course (I don’t actually know what that means) on Tuesday nights. So last night I decided to go along for the first time in maybe 4 years too see how fast I could ride my totally inappropriate touring/cyclocross bike round the 10 miles. I was number 16 so set of at about 7.30 and proceeded to turn myself in-side out for 24 minutes. Yep, 24 minutes, that’s a whole 6 minutes and 2 seconds slower than Bradley Wiggins! In my defense he was probably riding a bike and wearing clothes at the cutting edge of aerodynamic technology where in stark contrast there is not a single thing about my bike or the clothes I wear that has been designed with going fast in mind. But despite that, I seemed to put in a decent time compared to some of the others riders there, so that made me happy.

Whilst I plan to do a few of these over the summer to help with my speed on the bike, what I really like about club time trials, as with Audax rides, is that it’s just not complete without a cup of tea and mars bar at the end. Fantastic!




4 responses

26 05 2010

Well Done. Do you know what position you ended up at?

28 05 2010

I came 8th out of 30. I’d like to see how I’d do on a time trail bike.

27 05 2010

I would be over the moon with 24mins. I don’t think i’ve ever gone that quick.

I’ve got my first time trail of the year next week. I’m aiming for 30mins as it is all uphill

28 05 2010

Uphill, that’s harsh! Good luck.

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