Birmingham to Ightham – 243 miles

30 04 2010

Well the plan to cycle the South Downs Way this weekend has been put on hold for a bit, mainly due to dental work, so I’ve decided to cycle to my parents in Kent instead. So I’ve planned a nice route, taking in some of my favorite places to cycle on the road bike in Southern England. The Cotswolds, the North Wessex Downs, the South Downs, the Kent Wield and to finish on top of the the Greensand ridge in view of the North Downs. I’ve used to map the route for the first time which tells you distance, elevation and allows access to OS maps which you can print and allows export of the route to a GPS device. I’ve put some of the route details below. I plan to leave at 5am tomorrow (Saturday) and hope to arrive before midnight, 19 hours later. Looking at the weather forecast I might have to use the fixie as that’s the only bike I have with proper mudguards. It will be the longest ride I’ve ever done on my own and I’m sure I will have to fight a few demons along the way to keep going. Right, I’d better prep the bike, load up the mp3 and get ready for this afternoons dental work (2 bridges), what fun!

B12 - TN15 map

B12 - TN15 Elevation

B12 - TN15 Elevation

B12 - TN15 distance

B12 - TN15 distance




4 responses

30 04 2010

Wow, thats some ride. Don’t think i’ve cracked the 200mile barrier yet. I will be intrested to know how you deal with riding for so long.

I was planning on either doing a 300km ride or riding the Trans Cambrian way this weekend. However a dose of man flue means I’m unlikely to go much further than the sofa.

30 04 2010

The 200 miles mark is a real mental barrier. Best way to get past it is to find a local 300km Audax and ride to the start and back after. 300km is a good distance and can be done in 12 hours if your fast! The ride I’m doing is 400km which I have done before on the fixie but not on my own. I will be listening to podcasts come the 150 mile which is when I start to hurt, beyond 180 all is OK (he says looking at the weather forecast whilst shaking his head!)

2 05 2010
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18 08 2010
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