Springtime rides

20 04 2010

I’m sure that James will be blogging soon about his latest ride – 300km on a fixed gear bike through mountainous Wales. However, as this blog is also about the ‘Everyday Rides’ I thought I’d get my two pen’oth in first with a post on this weekend’s little adventures!

And they are little adventures in comparison to James’ heroic efforts. But I think they show what cycling is all about. On Friday we took a relaxed ride into town along the River Rea path and along the canals. The loop takes in Cannon Hill Park (which is looking absolutely gorgeous at the moment, and has the lovely aroma of hyacinths everywhere), the River Rea, Selly Park with hundreds of daffodils in full bloom, before going onto the canal which passes by Bournville and the University before winding its way back round into Gas Street Basin. There’s something magical about the evenings at the moment, a really gorgeous warm light and an unexpected warmth. Bliss.

On Sunday we headed out for a longer ride, with the task of circumnavigating Redditch without getting stuck in its maze of ring roads and cul-de-sacs. I love how the Rea Valley path takes you all the way up to Kings Norton, throwing you out right on the edge of the countryside – one thing it seems many people forget about ‘motor city’. We passed through Weatheroak, Alvechurch, Tardebigge, Upper Bentley, Ham Green, Astwood Bank (we almost got caught up in Redditch but cleverly shimmied back out again!) and Coughton Court before winding our way to the place with the wonderful name ‘Wooten Wawen’ before heading back via Ullenhall and The Peacock Pub.

In spite of The Peacock running out of Real Ales before we got there (it’s shutting for a refurb) and the fact that at about the 40 mile mark I started flagging, it was a gorgeous day’s riding. Butterflies were out, we saw pheasant, a hare ran out in front of us, early bluebells were poking through… truly the best of the British springtime.  And the fact that 55 miles of riding half killed me?  I guess I’ll just have to work on it…




5 responses

20 04 2010

So you pass by our house at least three times and don’t even pop in for a cupcake, unbelievable. I made it to the top of Fordhouse Lane without getting off the other day, seems we’re all making progress!

20 04 2010

I think with the promise of cupcakes I could definitely make some progress – we must set a date! I know what you mean about Fordhouse Lane, it’s deceptively steep!

20 04 2010

Yes, we should do something soon – I need to visit the Lebanese bakery and check out their oven, and another Old Mo experience would be fun. I’ll speak to @wife.

20 04 2010

Beer and bakery sound brill. Unfortunately @husband is off cycling for the next few weekends, so we’ll both be about in roughly a month’s time. Unless we head out for a cheeky school night drink? 🙂

20 04 2010

I’d be up for a school night, we’ll see if we can come up with a date and let you know….

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