The Mac returns – 1st May

1 04 2010

One of the the best things about living in the Cannon Hill bit of Balsall Heath for two ale drinking, independent cinema watching people like us had to be the Midlands Arts Centre aka ‘The Mac’. So it was with grave disappointment that some 2-3 years ago we heard the news of the mac’s closure for a refurb.

At first, the loss was great! Where are we to watch good film close to home? Where is the nearest place to get a decent real ale? But as time has passed and the re-opening date kept sliding, our memories of the Mac have faded and we’ve become accustomed to the building site in the park.

But, today I found this in my in-box:

The Mac is to reopen on the 1st May!!! It’s like an old friends retuning from a long trip, and I can’t wait to sit down and have a pint or two with them, see how their journey has treated them, and how have they changed.

To be honest, we have known it’s been opening on the 1st of May for some time now, and unfortunately we are away from Brum that weekend, but I really can’t wait to wonder round the corner, across the park and watch a good film washed down by a nice real ale.

The Mac




2 responses

1 04 2010

What, no puns? No ‘Return of the Mac’? Disappointed my dear…

2 04 2010

wow, that’s good news. they closed down when i left. it looks good on the web. if i was in bham i would count the days too…

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