Rachel gets a word in…

23 03 2010

I figured that it was about time I contributed to this blog – I don’t want anyone thinking for a second that our life is dominated by James’ cycling adventures(!) 🙂

So, I’ve kept it a bit hush hush, but I have a few cycling goals of my own this year. Or rather James has decreed that I should be able to do certain rides and I’ve gone along with it. So far this year I’ve managed some pretty regular rides, mainly consisting of jaunts up the hill to Moseley or Kings Heath, or into town. It’s not much, but it’s usually with heavy bags and sometimes in rubbish weather, so it’s a start.  Oh, and on a few occasions when I had cabin fever when the weather was icy and cold I took the desperate measure of getting onto the turbo trainer!  I’ve also done a few 30ish mile rides through Warwickshire (Tanworth in Arden, Henley in Arden, Earlswood Lakes loops) and a particularly foggy ride through the Peaks with friends. (NB – the photo is in Slovakia, not the outskirts of Brum).

Now this it’s officially Spring I’m feeling like less of a fair-weather cyclist, and after a rather lovely, sunny ride out on Sunday I’m feeling more confident, stronger and ready for upping the miles. So, the next ride I’m aiming for is our Easter ride through South Wales. We aimed to do the ride several years ago but got washed out. Fingers crossed we’ll get some pleasant days and eat up the miles. Finding campsites or hostel accommodation seems a bit tricky, especially around Carmarthen, so if you know of anywhere nearby then please let us know!

After Easter the aim is to get in a few Audax events, around the 100km mark, building to 150km. The biggie is 200km on 4th July, starting from Hampton in Arden. We’re looking at a long day, and so far I’ve only ever managed about half of that, but James has assured me that it’s achievable. I’m not entirely convinced, but I’m prepared to give it a whirl.  I’ve also been considering heading out for a ride with the Hopwood Ladies Cycling Club but I really need to be strict about taking time off work during the week to make it happen.  Fingers crossed I’ll get chance to head out into the countryside with them sometime soon!




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