Mr Pickwick’s March Madness

5 03 2010

I’m not a member of some modern Birmingham based Pickwick club, instead this is the name of my first organised bike ride of the year. Like the “Pickwickians” we shall be making a journey to remote places far from London, and maybe like the Pickwickians I shall be able to report on my studies in to the “quaint and curious phenomena of life”. The subject under study this weekend is the ‘British Randonneur‘ a creature that I have become increasingly familiar with over the last couple of years, but one that still remains strange to me! But something bothers me, I’m taking a completely normal cycling friend and exposing him to this strange creature for the first time. Hope this does put him on the slippery slope to become one, as may be happening to me?

Anyway, the route does take us to places remote from London such as the Malvern Hills, the Forest of Dean and even into Wales at Chepstow, before following the river Seven through Gloucester where, having looked at the weather forecast, I hope not to follow in the footsteps of Dr Foster.




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