Wednesdays Commute

23 02 2010

I have an event in London to attended on Thursday so thought I would cycle there. The route I’m following is not a lot of fun, but at nearly 120 miles I can’t navigate on back roads using Google map walking directions printed on the numerous bits of paper! But, I should see parts of the country I’m unfamiliar with, and get to play with London traffic…yepee!

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23 02 2010

Not commuting grasshopper….

“Commuting is regular travel between one’s place of residence and place of work or full time study.”

23 02 2010

Good point! However, as I don’t have a regular place of work, but I do travel regularly to irregular places, does that count? Or do I need two regulars for it to be commuting?

23 02 2010

Have fun 🙂 I haven’t ridden the A422, but the B4100 between Warwick and Oxford very pleasant (bar a couple of short stabbing hills you’ll be better equipped to deal with than me). You might try that.

23 02 2010

That would be a better alternative, but I can get to Banbury down the A442 without thinking about it and I don’t know the B4100.

But it does give me an idea for a 100 miles Wednesday ride sometime, heading to Banbury then over the Cotswolds to Chipping Campden and back to Brum via Welford and Tanworth.

23 02 2010

Heh – when I first rode the B4100 I was riding down to Oxford, missed a turn in the dark, and had to improvise. It’s actually dead easy, because you just have to keep following the signs to Banbury.

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