1) Central Europe 2008 – Honeymoon Tour Intro

22 02 2010

As you may have noticed, this bike tour started and finished the best part of two years ago, but we wanted to post a useful account of that tour now we have had some time to reflect a little. So over the next few weeks/months we shall write a series of posts to document what has been our bike greatest bike adventure to date.

All the posts will be catergorised together and available from the bike adventures page, if you want one long read. Hope you enjoy the story!

Central Europe 2008




3 responses

2 03 2010
Liz Gillies

Hey Bro, How do I click to read more of the blog? All I am seeing are the snapshots and I want to read more about the Honeymoon trip and also Moseley to Spain.
Please explain. Lots of love. Sis. xxx

2 03 2010
Liz Gillies

Cool now registered so I know when you update. L. x

2 03 2010

Liz, I have yet to write anything about Brum to Spain and have written very little about the honeymoon. As you have registered for updates then as I or Rach write things you will get an e-mail to say there is a new post. Sorry there is not more to read yet, but it’s more fun to have the story unfold slowly then get it all in one go!


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